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Philadelphia Eagles roster hopeful DeAndre Thompkins is grateful to have the opportunity to try out for a team that has Carson Wentz at quarterback.
Recently, the Philadelphia Eagles wrapped up the start to the offseason. After a month of voluntary activities, followed by three mandatory minicamps, the team is off to do their own thing for the next month or so. Late next month, the Eagles entire 90-man roster will be back at the Nova Care Complex in Philly for the beginning of the end of the offseason.

The final phase might be exciting to some, but to 37 guys it will be a stressful time. By the beginning of September, the roster will need to be cut down to 53 players. As we know, not everybody can make the team. We know who the locks are, but very rarely do we get too comfortable with the hopefuls, rightfully so.

Although the hopefuls know their position within the organization, they don’t ever tend to lose hope. If a player can prove they belong, it won’t go unnoticed. And fortunately for the Eagles, they have roster locks around the roster hopefuls that are willing to elevate them to give them the best chances to make the team.

Recently, undrafted rookie wide receiver DeAndre Thompkins discussed his journey to making an NFL roster. Two months ago, he signed a deal with the Eagles shortly after going undrafted. While Thompkins knows how deep the receiving core is for the Eagles, and just how hard it’s going to be for him to make the team, he’s still rather grateful to have the opportunity to work with Carson Wentz. Now, it seems as though the leadership issues from last season are in the rearview.

What’s being said about Wentz?
After last season’s showing, you would think that Wentz was a one-hit wonder in 2017. He might not have been an MVP in 2018, but he still showed improvement in some areas. However, his 2019 offseason, which contains a healthy Wentz for the first time in two years has shown that maybe he didn’t truly lose a step like many speculated. Instead, he’s just as good, if not better than that Sophomore season. DeAndre Thompkins wasn’t around then, but now he understands the hype surrounding Wentz since he’s been with the Eagles.

“Man, it’s crazy, he’s very talented as everybody knows, very smart. He’s a natural-born quarterback. You can feel it in the huddle. You can feel it whenever you’re around him,” Thompkins told PennLive’s, Daniel Gallen. While we know Wentz is talented, there have been some question marks surrounding his leadership skills after last season. According to a piece with quotes from anonymous players, Wentz was not the best acting captain in 2018.

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In fact, Wentz was accused of being selfish at one point by a respected veteran. However, the roster hopeful’s words do not help support that claim.

“One thing I would say is he does a good job of elevating everyone around him, he treats me and JJ [Arcega-Whiteside] just like he treats D-Jacc, Nelly and all those guys. He expects you to perform at a high level, and then if you don’t understand something or something happens, he’s the first one to come over and explain to you what you gotta do, why you gotta do it. So to have somebody like that, man, it’s a blessing.”

Are we saying this so-called anonymous respected veteran was wrong about Wentz’s locker room personality last season? No, we’re not. But we do believe that whatever was going on last season, is now left in the rearview. With the franchise locking Wentz in to a long-term deal, there are no longer any questions as to who is the captain of the ship. Wentz knows his place, and is aware that his leadership can make or break the offense. So far, everything sounds good.

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There was a line of antsy fans outside the Eagles Pro Shop at Lincoln Financial Field waiting to get their hands on the new Super Bowl memorabilia on Tuesday at 2 p.m. One step inside the store and it rings with crowds and the occasional “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” chant.

Believe it or not, the excitement started Monday morning where over 100 people stood outside in a line that dragged out to the parking lot waiting for the Pro Shop to officially open at 10 a.m.

It was a similar story on Tuesday.

“As soon as we opened, there’s been a line through the front of the store,” said Emily McNichol, the team’s merchandise director. “Lunchtime has definitely been the busiest time that we’ve had. Anywhere from like 11-2, it’s been kind of crazy.”

Walking around in the festivities, one can overhear the excitement surrounding Thursday’s parade, find people trying out sizes, and witness a busy but excited staff. So far, the most coveted item has been the locker room T-shirts – the ones the players wore during Sunday’s trophy ceremony – which is only available at Eagles Pro Shop locations, the Pro Shop website, and the NFL Shop. The Super Bowl knit hats, as well as the regular Super Bowl hats, are also fan favorites.

Be prepared to spend time bonding with fellow fans, however, because checkout could take you anywhere from 15-35 minutes.
“Our staff has been kind of crazy until dinnertime and then everybody gets a break. Then there’s a little rush after dinner too but nothing as crazy as during the day,” McNichol said.

The long lines that wrap around the store haven’t kept the fans from coming in. Lifelong Eagles supporter Ernie Ferretti flew in from Palm Beach County, Florida to take part in all the frenzy. Originally from South Philadelphia, Ferretti was hauling in some gear for his wife, kids, and himself. He couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to bask in Eagles glory.

“I told myself if they ever win the Super Bowl, I’d be on one of the first flights out and I’m going back home to experience it,” Ferretti said. “Football is life to the people in Philadelphia. This team is everything to us. We’ve got our families but it’s like our prized possession. That’s what being a fan is about and that’s why I flew 1,500 miles to be here.”

Recently married Nicholas and Jessica Creamer drove about nine hours from their home in Dayton, Ohio to gear up for the parade. It’ll be a quick turnaround back to Ohio afterward since Jessica has to be to work early Friday morning. Still, the couple intends to make the most of the drive.

“The feeling coming in was kind of surreal,” Nicholas said. “It’s hard to explain.”

“God forbid if for some reason we don’t see another one or we can’t get to the next one, we’re not holding back for the first parade,” Jessica said.

Even local Eagles fan Karen Grace, who normally has off on Tuesdays, drove down from the packed Eagles Pro Shop located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to stock up on merchandise for the family.

From far and wide, fans are flocking the store in preparation for Thursday’s celebration down Broad Street and up the Parkway to the Art Museum. William James, one of the store’s security guards, was taken back by the crowds.

“It’s been pretty hectic. We’ve never seen this before ever in Eagles history,” he said. “Never have we seen this many people.”

Just wait until Thursday.