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This is not the resolution I expected back on Jan. 7, when Jenkins said on locker clean-out day he wouldn’t play for the Eagles in 2020 under terms of his 2017 contract restructure, which called for $7.6 million in base salary this coming year and averaged $8.8 million per year, making him the 11th-highest-paid safety in the league.

I figured Jenkins wanted to be here, Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson understood his value, and they’d find a figure in the middle, quickly get a new contract done with a significant raise without breaking the bank and we’d all move on to wide receiver and corner.

Jenkins wanted to be one of the five-highest-paid safeties in the league, and it would have taken something in the neighborhood of $13.8 million per year to make that happen.

Jenkins is a three-time Pro Bowler, an unquestioned locker room leader, a fixture in the community, a remarkably durable player on a team where everybody is always hurt.

Is he worth $14 million a year at 32 years old?

Honestly? Probably not.

Because he helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl and played at such a high level and was such a class act, the city grew attatched to Jenkins. We all did.

In an important way, this is different than Reggie and Dawk. The Eagles didn’t even attempt to bring those guys back. This time, there was a respectful exchange of ideas, the two sides were just too far apart.

This isn’t cataclysmic. But it still hurts.

I just can’t believe that the Eagles and Jenkins’ agent couldn’t make something work.

Something in between that $8.8 million figure and the $14 million figure. There’s a lot of room there.

If three years at $11.5 or $12 million wouldn’t get it done? I can see where the Eagles are coming from. They have a lot of needs, they have to get younger and something north of $12 million a year for a guy who’ll be 33 by the end of this coming season is a lot. Too much.

But if the Eagles’ best offer wasn’t significantly above that $8.8 million figure? Then they’ve made a serious miscalculation. If they didn’t do everything they possibly could have done to make something work here, then they’ve made a big mistake.

Jenkins isn’t the same player he was a few years ago, but he’s still very good. He was terrific down the stretch this past season, and on a team that had 47 different starters in 2019, he was one of only six to start and finish every game. Since 2017, only Jenkins and Jason Kelce have stared and finished every game.

You don’t bring him back because everybody loves him. You bring him back because he’s still one of the better safeties in the league and one of your best players.

Here are the defensive backs the Eagles currently have under contract: Sidney Jones, Rasul Douglas, Jalen Mills, Authentic Avonte Maddox Jersey, Authentic Cre’Von LeBlanc Jersey, Authentic Marcus Epps Jersey, Rudy Ford, Authentic Craig James Jersey and Authentic Trevor Williams Jersey. Sounds like the Eagles will give Mills a shot at safety. Rodney McLeod is back, and that’s big. Still, barring some front-office mastery these next few months, this secondary won’t be as good without No. 27 back there.

They’ll draft guys and they’ll sign guys and they’ll add guys, but that hasn’t gone too well lately for this team in the secondary.

They desperately need defensive backs, and they just let a pretty good one walk.

We’re two days into free agency and Howie has certainly kept his promise to get younger. But as we’ve all seen in the past, getting younger doesn’t always mean getting better.

There’s only one way Roseman can guarantee this wasn’t a grave mistake. That’s to go out and find some defensive backs who can play. Who can help this team win another Super Bowl.

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We all know the Eagles’ top two needs this offseason are wide receiver and cornerback but because those needs are so pressing, we’ve all lost sight of another pretty big one.

The Eagles need some help at defensive end.

Sure, the Birds will bring back Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett, their two starters, for the 2020 season but neither of those guys are elite. Graham is on the wrong side of 30 and Barnett has been solid but hasn’t lived up to his draft status.

After those two? Vinny Curry is set to be a free agent, so their top rotational players are Authentic Josh Sweat Jersey, Authentic Shareef Miller Jersey, Authentic Genard Avery Jersey and Authentic Joe Ostman Jersey.

The Eagles might be in the market for some defensive end help this offseason and they’ll have a few options.

We have a long way to go before the start of the 2020 season but we have some jersey number updates from the Eagles.

Most of these new numbers are for new players, but Jalen Mills is also switching out of the number he’s worn for the first four years of his career.

Here they are in numerical order:
Authentic Jalen Mills Jersey: 21

Mills spent the first four years of his career in No. 31. But his rookie contract is over and he’s returning as a safety in 2020. So new position, new number.

“It’s just recreating myself,” Mills said this week. “Recreating that Green Goblin, that monster. It’s a new position, it’s a new feel, and it’s going to be new energy.”

Mills said he admires guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who each changed their jersey numbers throughout their NBA careers.

The No. 21 became available after Ronald Darby left in free agency to head to Washington. Darby wore 41 back in 2017 when he arrived in a training camp trade; Patrick Robinson had the 21 on his one-year deal.

Complete Eagles history at 21: James Zyntell, Les Maynard, Paul Cuba, John Kusko, Herschel Stockton, Allison White, Chuck Cherundolo, William Boedeker, Al Pollard, Jim Carr, Joe Scarpati, Ray Jones, Jackie Allen, Wes Chesson, Al Clark, John Sciarra, Evan Cooper, Eric Allen, Bobby Taylor, Matt Ware, William James, Joselio Hanson, David Sims, Roc Carmichael, Jerome Couplin, Leodis McKelvin, Patrick Robinson, Ronald Darby
Darius Slay: 24

In Detroit, Slay wore No. 30 during his rookie season back in 2013 but had the No. 23 in the next six years. But in Philly, Rodney McLeod has 23, so Slay is happily changing to 24 to honor the late Kobe Bryant.

“I’m going Kobe mode,” Slay said. “Black mamba. Rest in peace to the One of my favorite players. I will look good in 24.”

Last season, Jordan Howard wore the No. 24 during his one-year stint with the Eagles.

Complete Eagles history at 24: Howard Auer, Joe Carpe, Dick Lachman, Jack Knapper, Herman Bassman, Joe Pilconis, Rabbit Keen, Bill Schneller, Dom Moselle, George Taliaferro, Don Schaefer, Nate Ramsey, Artimus Parker, Henry Monroe, Zac Henderson, Ray Ellis, Russell Gary, Reggie Brown, Alan Reid, Alan Dial, Corey Barlow, Tim McTyer, Darnell Autry, Rod Smart, Blaine Bishop, Sheldon Brown, Joique Bell, Brandon Hughes, Nnadmi Asomugha, Bradley Fletcher, Ryan Mathews, Corey Graham, Jordan Howard
Will Parks: 28

During the first four years of his NFL career, Parks wore No. 34 in Denver as a sixth-round pick. But that number is owned by Cre’Von LeBlanc in Philly.

So Parks will hop into the No. 28 that was vacant for most of last year until Jay Ajayi was signed during the season.

Complete Eagles history at 28: Dick Thornton, Guy Turnbow, Algy Clark, Joe Pilconis, Max Padlow, J. “Stumpy” Thomason, Harry Klopenburg, Ray Keeling, Bob Jackson, Paul Dudley, Jim Gray, Bill Bradley, Lou Rash, Greg Harding, Don Griffin, Mel Gray, Clarence Love, Amp Lee, Correll Buckhalter, Ramzee Robinson, Marlin Jackson, Dion Lewis, Earl Wolff, Wendell Smallwood, Jay Ajayi
Nickell Robey-Coleman: 31

As an undrafted player, Robey-Coleman came into the league and wore No. 37 for his first three seasons in Buffalo before he got a big-time improvement and took over 21 in 2015. For the last three seasons, he wore 23 with the Rams but that’s taken by McLeod here.

So he’ll be in the 31 that Mills wore for the last four years.

Complete Eagles history at 31: Joe Carter, Tom Graham, Irv Kupcinet, William Brian, Bob Masters, Emmett Mortell, Jerry Ginney, Phil Ragazzo, Jim Castiglia, Ted Williams, Art Macioszczyk, Dan Sandifer, Ebert Van Buren, Ron Goodwin, Tom Bailey, Wilbert Montgomery, Troy West, Tyrone Jones, Brian O’Neal, Derrick Witherspoon, Al Harris, Daryon Brutley, Dexter Wynn, Ellis Hobbs, Curtis Marsh, Shaun Prater, Byron Maxwell, Jalen Mills
Trevor Williams: 41

You might have forgotten the Eagles signed Williams back in January, but the cornerback and Penn State product has 39 NFL games and 27 starts to his name with the Chargers and Cardinals.

He has previously worn 42, 24 and 22.

Complete Eagles history at 41: Ted Schmitt, Foster Watkins, Buist Warren, Gil Steinke, Frank Ziegler, Jerry Norton, Bob Freeman, Howard Cassady, Harry Wilson, Richard Harvey, Randy Logan, Earnest Jackson, Keith Byars, Alvin Ross, Fred McCrary, Johnny Thomas, William Hampton, Thomas Tapeh, Stephen Spach, Tanard Davis, Antoine Harris, Jarrad Page, Emil Igwenagu, Randall Evans, Ronald Darby, De’Vante Bausby
Jatavis Brown: 53

Everyone pretty much understood that Nigel Bradham wasn’t going to return to the Eagles in 2020 but now they went ahead and gave his number away. Bradham wore 53 for the last four seasons in Philly.

During his first four NFL seasons with the Chargers, Brown was No. 57 but that’s occupied in Philly by second-year linebacker T.J. Edwards.

Complete Eagles history at 53: Walt Masters, Alex Wojciechowicz, Ken Farragut, Bob Pellegrini, John Simerson, Bob Butler, Harold Wells, Fred Whittingham, Dick Absher, Dennis Franks, Fred Smalls, Jody Schulz, Dwayne Jiles, Maurice Henry, Ivan Caesar, John Roper, Bill Romanowski, N.D. Kalu, Hugh Douglas, Mark Simoneau, Moise Fokou, Ryan Rau, Najee Goode, Nigel Bradham
Javon Hargrave: 93

Not long after news broke that Tim Jernigan was heading to Houston, Hargrave got his jersey number.

A switch was necessary for Hargrave, who wore 79 during his first four seasons in the NFL with the Steelers. The Eagles already have a No. 79 who is pretty good in right guard Brandon Brooks. And Hargrave wore 97 in college but that number in Philly is owned by Malik Jackson.

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Free agency has been relatively kind to the Eagles. For the same 2020 cost as Byron Jones, Howie Roseman was able to rally an army of free agents to solidify the defense. As all eyes turn toward the NFL Draft, and more prominently, the deepest WR class in years, there’s one position that continues to fly under the radar – Running back.

Maybe it’s because a late breakout from Miles Sanders somewhat eased concerns over Jordan Howard’s injury. The Penn State product exploded in the absence of Howard, coming on leaps and bounds as a runner and continuing to flourish as a receiver. In fact, since 1965, only 2 players have rushed for 800+ yards, received for 500+ yards, and averaged rushing for 4.5+ yards per carry in the same season – Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders.

Sanders’ sensational season left Eagles fans purring and almost nullified any concern about depth at the position…but it shouldn’t have. As things stand, the Eagles have three running backs on the roster. Boston Scott partners Authentic Elijah Holyfield Jersey behind Sanders in what is now a position light on depth and notable names.

It’s not that the backfield necessarily ‘needs‘ the draw of a big name, but if you look at every re-incarnation of Pederson’s stable of running backs, there are specific roles handed out.

1: The bowling ball: (LeGarrette Blount, Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi)
2: Mr do-it-all: (Darren Sproles, Miles Sanders)
3: Change of pace: (Wendell Smallwood, Corey Clement)

  • Before you shout, I’m aware most of these running backs have filled numerous roles in the offense, but for the sake of simplicity we’re condensing them down.

Corey Clement is now a free agent, Darren Sproles hung up the cleats, and Jordan Howard is a Miami Dolphin. In theory, the Eagles could easily roll into next season with an abundance of confidence in Boston Scott to fill the shoes of Darren Sproles, but it would be a lot to expect Holyfield to become that north-south runner that wears down defenses.

It’s all well and good thinking ‘Sanders is more than capable of becoming the bell-cow back’, which he absolutely is (after all, that’s why he was drafted), but it’s also naive. Pederson’s offense will likely see Sanders being used everywhere and as often as possible. He averaged 3.9 targets and 11 carries per game last year and that number isn’t going to decline any time soon. He came out of college with plenty of rubber on his tires, but for every snap Sanders is used in the slot or on wheel routes, or as a blocker, they’ll need a plan-b.

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There was a line of antsy fans outside the Eagles Pro Shop at Lincoln Financial Field waiting to get their hands on the new Super Bowl memorabilia on Tuesday at 2 p.m. One step inside the store and it rings with crowds and the occasional “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” chant.

Believe it or not, the excitement started Monday morning where over 100 people stood outside in a line that dragged out to the parking lot waiting for the Pro Shop to officially open at 10 a.m.

It was a similar story on Tuesday.

“As soon as we opened, there’s been a line through the front of the store,” said Emily McNichol, the team’s merchandise director. “Lunchtime has definitely been the busiest time that we’ve had. Anywhere from like 11-2, it’s been kind of crazy.”

Walking around in the festivities, one can overhear the excitement surrounding Thursday’s parade, find people trying out sizes, and witness a busy but excited staff. So far, the most coveted item has been the locker room T-shirts – the ones the players wore during Sunday’s trophy ceremony – which is only available at Eagles Pro Shop locations, the Pro Shop website, and the NFL Shop. The Super Bowl knit hats, as well as the regular Super Bowl hats, are also fan favorites.

Be prepared to spend time bonding with fellow fans, however, because checkout could take you anywhere from 15-35 minutes.
“Our staff has been kind of crazy until dinnertime and then everybody gets a break. Then there’s a little rush after dinner too but nothing as crazy as during the day,” McNichol said.

The long lines that wrap around the store haven’t kept the fans from coming in. Lifelong Eagles supporter Ernie Ferretti flew in from Palm Beach County, Florida to take part in all the frenzy. Originally from South Philadelphia, Ferretti was hauling in some gear for his wife, kids, and himself. He couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to bask in Eagles glory.

“I told myself if they ever win the Super Bowl, I’d be on one of the first flights out and I’m going back home to experience it,” Ferretti said. “Football is life to the people in Philadelphia. This team is everything to us. We’ve got our families but it’s like our prized possession. That’s what being a fan is about and that’s why I flew 1,500 miles to be here.”

Recently married Nicholas and Jessica Creamer drove about nine hours from their home in Dayton, Ohio to gear up for the parade. It’ll be a quick turnaround back to Ohio afterward since Jessica has to be to work early Friday morning. Still, the couple intends to make the most of the drive.

“The feeling coming in was kind of surreal,” Nicholas said. “It’s hard to explain.”

“God forbid if for some reason we don’t see another one or we can’t get to the next one, we’re not holding back for the first parade,” Jessica said.

Even local Eagles fan Karen Grace, who normally has off on Tuesdays, drove down from the packed Eagles Pro Shop located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to stock up on merchandise for the family.

From far and wide, fans are flocking the store in preparation for Thursday’s celebration down Broad Street and up the Parkway to the Art Museum. William James, one of the store’s security guards, was taken back by the crowds.

“It’s been pretty hectic. We’ve never seen this before ever in Eagles history,” he said. “Never have we seen this many people.”

Just wait until Thursday.

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PHILADELPHIA — The Eagles medical staff went beyond just cornerbacks, and even football players, when researching the recovery rate for athletes who rupture their Achilles tendon.

Executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said the study included “guys playing explosive positions, quick-twitch positions” in a variety of sports to see how they bounced back. The results were encouraging, which is part of the reason they felt comfortable drafting Washington cornerback Sidney Jones in the second round of the NFL draft with the 43rd overall pick.

2017 NFL DRAFT | Philadelphia
NFL Draft

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“Because of his age (20 years old), it’s a very, very high percentage. Coming back to 100 percent is an extremely high percentage,” said Roseman, “and that’s why we made the pick. For us, it had to be a very, very good chance that he would be exactly what he was before the injury. There’s no insurance that will happen, but we feel very confident based on all the studies we’ve done, all the research we’ve done and the MRIs that have come back to us, that that’s going to happen with him.”

Jones was a favorite to be chosen by the Eagles at No. 14 overall before he tore his left Achilles tendon at his pro day in March. The injury sent him tumbling down draft boards and scared off some evaluators. A handwritten letter from Eagles senior director of college scouting Anthony Patch, who was in attendance the day Jones got hurt, offered the cornerback some assurance that at least one team was still very much in play.

“It was a heartfelt letter. I immediately replied when I got it. I thought that was very awesome. Just from there, I knew that they still had interest,” Jones said. “I had a feeling deep down. … I just had a feeling it would be Philly if I was still there.”
Sidney Jones was the top cornerback for a Washington defense that led the Pac-12 with just 17.7 points per game allowed. Jesse Beals/Icon Sportswire
According to a league source, the Eagles were the team that “put the most time into him” during the pre-draft process.
Now that they have him, they’ll have to show some patience. Speaking to ESPN’s Matt Bowen in April, Jones said he would be back on the field in six months, as doctors told his camp that he’ll be able to play “by the end of October at the latest.” The message coming out of the Eagles’ NovaCare Complex headquarters on Friday, however, was that the team would take a conservative approach.

“We don’t know that timetable, and to be fair, we just want to make sure that he’s healthy and ready to go,” said Roseman.

Jones (6-foot, 186 pounds) was a first-team All-Pac 12 selection last season. He posted eight interceptions and 21 passes defensed in his three years with the Huskies. He was considered one of the top corners in a loaded class before getting hurt, and believes he’ll regain that form before long.

“I don’t believe I should have any problem with coming back” he said. “It’s just a roadblock, and it’s going to be a good story at the end of my career, and I’ll look back at it as a positive. So that’s how I’m viewing everything.”